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G.Banks pays homage to 50 Cent with “What Would 50 Do?”

50 Cent is easily one of the most impactful artists that Hip-Hop has seen over the course of its 50 year history. An enigmatic figure who grasped the attention of fans following the Earth-shaking release of “In Da Club”, 50 has led a polarizing career during the last two decades and will forever be remembered for his contributions to Rap. With an immense catalog that has no shortage of hits, 50 routinely inspires a generation of new talent in how to create and move. One such artist is G.Banks, an up-and-coming MC from Sacramento, who was featured on our website this past Summer following the release of “Left On Read”. He recently returned to the limelight with a 50-inspired single titled “What Would 50 Do?”.

Centered around the rhetorical question of what would 50 do given a certain predicament, G.Banks taps into the braggadocios, unfiltered, and raw side of his artistry throughout this single. Fed up with the phony raps and lack of authenticity that’s currently plaguing Hip-Hop music, G.Banks wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of the pillars that this genre of music was founded upon. Throughout the entirety of this single, listeners are met with an onslaught of well-constructed raps, as G.Banks decides to remind his fans exactly what he’s capable of doing when he steps in the booth. There’s certainly no shortage of incredible wordplay throughout this release, and as one ventures through the rest of his discography, they’ll note that this is a foundational element of the music that G.Banks creates.

When asked about what motivated him to release a single that was rooted in 50 Cent’s influence, G.Banks shared with us:

“50 has been one of my biggest inspirations since I was a kid. Everybody who knows me will tell you that. I still remember when I first heard his music back in like ’02, ’03. Shit was crazy. Nobody has had a run like his in Hip-Hop. His hustle and ambition always kept my interest, and the fact the he damn near beef’d with everyone in the industry and never backed down is wild. His music has played a huge role in my life. and when it’s all said and done, I’d love to have a classic music catalogue like his.”


Hoping to rise up the ranks and play a similar role in music as one of his icons, G.Banks is certainly showing the world that he’s got what it takes to leave a lasting legacy on Rap.

Though this release is G.Banks’ first since February, he’s actively in the studio creating the next components of his catalog as we speak. He’s currently in album mode, and is working on several different projects simultaneously – two of which are beat tapes. New music is his biggest priority in the weeks and months to come, with there also being a chance that listeners will gain access to new collaborations and music videos as well. For those who were especially keen on this release, G.Banks is also planning to release some “What Would 50 Do?” merch. With so much going on, G.Banks is someone you’ll 100% want to keep an eye on. Be sure to stay up to date with his socials, and be weary of his next drop. For now, throw this track on your favorite playlist.

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