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Rakim Alnur is on his way towards greatness

Rakim Alnur’s music is a breath of fresh air. Though some of you reading this may not be familiar with the Los Angeles based artist as of right now, that’s soon to change as the rising Hip-Hop talent is steadily releasing some of the most exciting sounds in the genre currently. Inspired by the likes of Young Thug, Kanye West, and Brent Faiyaz, Rakim is on a dedicated mission towards living his dreams, and becoming one of the most sensational musical acts in the globe. Following the recent release of a new EP titled DWEEB, it’s safe to say that he’s certainly on the right track.

A 7 song offering that sits just short of the 20 minute mark in terms of length, DWEEB is an exemplary piece of work from Rakim Alnur. Leading up to the official release of the project were four lead singles, including “UR WRLD”, “HEAVY”, “DRIFT”, and “Limp Bizkit” featuring Valee, all of which set the hazy, laid-back aura that surrounds this project. From beginning to end, listeners are met with exceptional sonics, well-enamored verses, and unforgettable artistry – cementing Rakim Alnur into their psyches long after the last song is played. His music is heavily rooted in his reality, and seldom strays away from the real life experiences that Rakim endures. A listen through his discography brings one closer to who Rakim is at his core, something which only fortifies the sentiment that Rakim Alnur is a star in the making.

Detailing some of the meaning that lies within this release, Rakim shared with us:

The meaning behind the release of DWEEB is turning a losing situation into a motivation to win and continue on the journey no matter the obstacles. Rakim describes the project as a journey through different situations and moods he had been through in the last year and a half.

Rakim Alnur

DWEEB ultimately goes on to become a sonic personification of the individual that Rakim Alnur is. Each song represents a different angle of his identity, with the entirety of DWEEB becoming an extension of the human he is. Accomplishing a feat such as this is not only difficult, but extremely rare, and helps to make this project the best selection of work that exists within Rakim Alnur’s catalog so far.

Following the release of this project, Rakim is now looking forward to what’s next to come. New visuals and shows around the country are in the works for the remaining weeks left in 2023, and he’s hoping to have some international shows at the start of next year as well. Rakim also shared with us that there’s potential for a US tour in 2024, so if you’ve found yourself enjoying this release, then be on the lookout for if Rakim Alnur will be coming to a city near you. In the meantime, get lost in the sounds of DWEEB.

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