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E. Cov and Rezo represent the “MISFITS” on their recent collab

Though music is oftentimes viewed as an act of solitude, some of the best tracks that we’ve ever heard have been the result of a collaborative setting. Some of the best collaborations that we’ve come across are the result of two collaborators who operate on the same frequency, and have an innate connection to one another that allows their respective artistries to flow freely and untethered. This is precisely the case for E. Cov and Rezo, two brothers who are a rapper and producer/engineer respectively. Following their recent release of a new single titled “MISFITS”, it’s safe to say that these two creatives are shaping up to become some of the genres new up-and-coming stars.

With roots in Hip-Hop and Rap music, “MISFITS” is the latest stellar offering to be included in E. Cov’s lengthy discography. Much like the bulk of the additions to E. Cov’s catalog, this single is one which paints a picture of E. Cov’s life experience. Gliding atop a Revo constructed beat with authority, E. Cov dishes out narratives surrounding his pain and truths, turning them into well-polished verses that listeners can’t get enough of. From the moment one presses play on this release, they’re met with an onslaught of raps that don’t slow pace until the very ending of this song. E. Cov’s rapping capabilities are second nature, and when considering the ease with which he’s able to craft a song, there’s no telling how far he’s going to go in his career as an artist. One thing’s for certain though, and it’s that he’s going to go far.

Sharing some of what ultimately inspired the creation of this single, E. Cov told us:

“MISFITS” is for the outcasts out there who feel out of place or overlooked. These people are a unique group with plenty of smarts and talent ready to be revealed, but certain systems in place won’t allow it or deem it uncomfortable! It’s time to break that stigma & let the Misfits in! 

E. Cov

Paying homage to individualism and those who may not necessarily fit-in with every crowd, “MISFITS” reminds us that our differences are our strengths and not detriments. Messaging of this caliber persists through much of E. Cov’s discography, and the way he’s able to break down themes such as this into song is unmatched. Combining his songwriting talents with his incredible instinct to flow makes for a storm of artistry that won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Following the release of “MISFITS”, both E. Cov and Rezo have plans to wrap up the year on a positive note with the release of even more new material. They are working their way towards the eventual release of their upcoming EP, which is slated to debut at the top of next year. At the same time, E. Cov is also hoping to land more collaborative work, and flow alongside new rappers as well. For both E. Cov and Rezo, one through line will always persist, and it’s that the both of these Hip-Hop talents will continue to refine their skillsets, and develop into the artists that they’ve dreamed of becoming. All we have to do is give it time. Until their next drop is here, be sure to put “MISFITS” at the top of your favorite playlist.

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