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Listeners, beware: Isaiah Bowers has entered his ‘Suave era’ on latest project ‘Real Recognize Real’

It takes a certain type of artist to be able to pull off having two names to go by; Isaiah Bowers is one of those artists who can pull it off, though.  Using his birth name as his stage name, he reverts to “Zay Suave” when he gets in the booth sometimes, and even though he may be capable of shifting his persona at the studio, he is constantly keeping it 100 with his listeners.

“All themes are related towards reaching a point where you know you’re undeniably great and no one can tell you otherwise,” Isaiah Bowers said.  “I think about the fun while I also think about the pain, and how being resilient ultimately made me a better artist and person.”

“I’m as personal and authentic as possible,” he continued.

The L.A. native has called several of the city’s most vibrant communities home, including Leimert Park, Gardena, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Mid-City and Carson.  He acknowledges the hip-hop historical significance that his stomping grounds have, and is looking to build on that legendary status.

“All stories told are recent events and really reflect my young adult life thus far,” Bowers said.  

Engineering wise, Zay Suave enlisted Harry Green Tea to mix and master everything.  The two have developed a close relationship ever since working on Zay’s previous project California’s Finest, and it only seems to be getting better from here.

“He’s allowed me to feel as free as possible, so due to that, I’ve been able to craft new sounds for myself while becoming more confident in what I’ve already been doing,” he said.

What’s Isaiah Bowers got up his sleeve next?  Well, following up a masterpiece such as Real Recognize Real is going to be hard to do, so Zay is beginning to shift his focus towards performing and showing people what he can do in person.  He’s got visuals for songs from Real Recognize Real on the way, and he even hinted at more music dropping over the course of 2024.

It’s clear that you need to get in tune with Isaiah Bowers.  The world seems to be his playground, and all we can do is play in it while watching the “Suave era” take off.

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