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Shelby Ruger shines bright on her captivating single, “Blue Moons”

Shelby Ruger is Houston’s best kept secret. Establishing a formidable discography since embarking on her journey as an artist back in 2019, Shelby is quickly becoming one of the most exciting fresh talents that the music industry has to offer. She routinely crafts an endless stream of finely-assembled music, with each forthcoming drop being somehow better than the last. Following her recent release of a new single titled “Blue Moons”, it’s safe to say that her development is undying, as the rising star is showing that she’s got plenty more hits in the chamber.

My musical journey is an exploration of emotions and experiences, with a deep-rooted desire to express my feelings about society, love, heartbreak, and the human condition. Growing up, articulating my emotions was challenging due to societal pressures, and that struggle found an outlet in my music. My compositions are a fusion of manipulated vocals, diverse cadences, and innovative instrument choices, reflecting the broad spectrum of my emotions and the multifaceted nature of life.

Shelby Ruger

Shelby’s ethereal and raw style of music making is something that any and all listeners are immediately captivated by once pressing play on her sounds. Rather than sticking to the confines of a particular genre, or gluing herself to a singular sentiment, Shelby Ruger’s music flows much like life itself. With each crashing wave of emotion, each new experience, each sonic influence, Shelby creates music that reflects her current state of being, regardless of what that may be. Her art is unpredictable, and a listen through her catalog is more of an out-of-body experience than simply a listening session. There’s a chunk of her soul in everything that she puts out, and as listeners cruise through her catalog, they truly grow closer to the individual that Shelby Ruger is at her core. Not only is music like this a treat to listen to – it’s incredibly rare, making Shelby one of the most exceptional artists that we’ve had the pleasure of coming across in recent memory.

Taking a moment to share some of what lies at the core of her recent single “Blue Moons”, Shelby shared with us:

“Blue Moons” is a nostalgic Lofi R&B track that takes the listener on a heartfelt journey through love, dreams, and reflections. The lyrics express moments of love, longing, and hope for a brighter future. It’s about finding comfort and security in the presence of a loved one, even during the most challenging times. I wrote “Blue Moons” about a year ago. It was one of those early mornings when the light was dim, creating a blue hue outside. I glanced at my girlfriend, feeling a mix of gratefulness for the wonderful night we had and sadness knowing she had to leave. “Blue Moons” symbolizes something extraordinary and beautiful that doesn’t last as long as we’d like. It’s a love song but tinged with bittersweet emotions.

Shelby Ruger

The product of life experience and deep thought, “Blue Moons” is the perfect example of what Shelby Ruger is capable of achieving in the studio. Gliding on some production which was constructed by Romy Ladet, Arian Rivers, and Jacob Williams and some mixing by Darell Wright, “Blue Moons” is a successful collaborative effort that ultimately becomes the best component of Shelby Ruger’s catalog to-date. Whether it be the captivating vocals, the heartfelt lyricism, or the addictive, entrancing soundscapes, “Blue Moons” is the full package, and is yet another example of why listeners should familiarize themselves with Shelby Ruger. If this is your first time coming across this incredible artist, rest assured that it won’t be your last.

Looking forward towards what’s next to come in the year, the official music video for “Blue Moons” is right around the corner. Fans of the single will certainly need to be on the lookout for that. On top of this, Shelby Ruger also has a handful of singles that are expected to drop prior to the end of the year, as well as a string of new sounds that are to come at the beginning of 2024. All of this is paving the way towards her upcoming debut project, which is definitely one of the releases that we are most excited about in the future. Until all of the new art arrives, be sure to put “Blue Moons” on your favorite Fall playlist.

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