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Cel$ surpasses adversity with “Head On A Swivel”

Cel$ is a rising talent who originally hails from South Kansas City, Missouri. Steadily amassing an eclectic catalog of music that stems from Hip-Hop and Rap music, Cel$ is a striking talent with an innate capability to inject his life experiences into his verses. One listen through his discography is all it takes to understand that Cel$ is an incredible artist, and following the recent release of a new single titled “Head On A Swivel”, he’s giving listeners a reason to double down on these sentiments.

Inspired by artists such as Nas, Curren$y, and J. Cole, Cel$ is on a mission towards becoming one of Hip-Hop’s next leaders. His music is genuine, and borrows from the life experiences that have gone on to mold Cel$ into the person that he is. This heightened level of raw authenticity is something that lies at the core of his being, and is a strong motivator for the music that he creates. Nowhere do these sentiments grow more truthful than across “Head On A Swivel”, which is Cel$’s second single to be released up through this point in the year. A poignant offering that places the Missouri native’s talents on full view, this single is one of the most notable moments within his career thus far.

Shedding some light on the messaging and motivation that persists through the release of this single, Cel$ shared with us:

“The meaning behind this release is to basically stay on your toes, be alert, be present, be willing to face obstacles that’s in your way, and have the heart to stand tall through adversity.”


With much of his discography being rooted in similar themes, Cel$ wants his listeners to walk away from his catalog with something that they can take with them and apply to their state of being. Not only are the sonic elements of this release reasoning enough to continually return to this song, the thematic elements help to make it that much more powerful. This single is certainly one that fans of Cel$ will not want to look past.

Glancing towards the future and what’s next on the horizon for this rising Hip-Hop talent, Cel$ has a handful of singles that he’s hoping to unearth before 2023 reaches its closing moments. In addition to this, he also wants to drop a project at the end of the year for his fans to enjoy. Though there’s so much on the way for Cel$, “Head On A Swivel” is not a song that should be brushed past. If you’re in search of a new Hip-Hop track to get lost within, then look no further than Cel$ and his latest release.

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