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Kjaelen unites a force of talent with new project ‘THE@RY @F M!ND’

Born and raised in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY is a prolific, up-and-coming creative by the name of Kjaelen. Establishing himself as a producer, artist, and songwriter, Kjaelen is representing NYC with a ferocity as he assembles the foundations of a blossoming discography. After being surrounded by Bachata, Soul, and Merengue in his Puerto Rican and Dominican household from a very young age, Kjaelen quickly fostered a passion for music. This passion eventually turned into a serious creative pursuit – one that now places Kjaelen in a position to really make a name for himself. Following the recent release of his debut project, THE@RY @F M!ND, he’s doing exactly that, and his bringing a slew of artists with him along the way.

With a grand total of 10 songs that sit right around the 23 minute mark, this project is one that packs a punch. Not only does it place Kjaelen’s potent, addictive Hip-Hop production style on full display, it gives listeners a glimpse of various artistic talents as well. Featured across THE@RY @F M!ND are Cassius Cobain, RelicRhymes, Jbandwxy, iLYKai, Eearz, Snoopay Fiasco, Iamdjruthless, Ny Santana, and Aloysia. From beginning to end, this album is full of depth, and brings together a collage of artistic styles that melt together seamlessly. Despite the moving parts that persist across each moment of this project, it remains incredibly cohesive as Kjaelen still managed to assert his overarching style and vision. It’s an exemplary display of what happens when an assortment of talents unite under one roof, and makes for one of the most exciting projects that we’ve heard in recent memory.

Sharing some perspective as to what was his inspiration behind this release, Kjaelen shared with us:

The inspiration behind my release would be Metro Boomin and Wheezy. Being a fan of their work and hearing how they create these pockets for artists while being able to release their own work under themselves is definitely inspirational to me as a producer. Being in today’s music industry as a producer, you can wait months, or even many years, before the song you produce will be released to the public. I’m grateful that I work with a group of artists that I love to produce for – having them bless my work, put their art on my art, and create something timeless. 


Kjaelen understands that his music serves a greater purposes, especially when it involves collaboration between a multitude of artist. THE@RY @F M!ND exists as so much more than a simple body of work. It unites a collection of artists who work towards a collective purpose, with Kjaelen being the glue that sticks it all together. He’s a special talent, and this debut project is certainly one that deserves to be your next listen.

Following the release of THE@RY @F M!ND, Kjaelen’s plans are to continue to work towards getting his name out there and refining his craft. He wants Kjaelen to be a household name with time, and is more than willing to do the legwork to get there. With hopes to one day have his music in films, TV shows, commercials, and more, Kjaelen is determined to make an impact on the world with his music. In the foreseeable future, he’s going to continue to work alongside up-and-coming artists and producers, and keep on creating music that he loves. Until his next release is here, be sure to tune into the sounds of THE@RY @F M!ND.

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