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Introducing NTVE: a prolific rapper with the world at his hands and a plan for his fans

There’s envisioning and there’s manifesting, but Florida MC NTVE has taken things to a whole new level by creating a song almost made for someone else.  His latest effort, a single titled “Welcome to the Party” featuring Kyree Dailey, encapsulates his mindstate and future plans perfectly in one single track while beckoning someone like Smino to hop on a remix.

“This particular release came from me hearing the beat and thinking ‘I want a Smino feature’ so I decided to create a song that I thought Smino would rock with if he ever heard it, and one where I felt he would deliver a nice verse,” NTVE said.

NTVE enlisted some serious talent in the creation of “Welcome to the Party,” enlisting producer 8een and engineer (and close friend) Lav to help bring the track to life.

The Blountstown, Florida raised, Albany, Georgia bred rapper has several steps for fans new and old to follow in order to fully digest his creations.

“One, y’all have to check out [my homie] Kyree Dailey who did amazing singing on this track,” is NTVE’s first instruction.  “We are definitely going to have more work for y’all soon enough.”

The second step is very similar to the first.

“Two, I need everybody to check out the old music and tap in before the new stuff comes,” he said.  

Last but certainly not least, what is arguably the most important part:

“Just have fun with life and this music because we only have the rest of our lives to keep doing this,” he proclaimed.  And he couldn’t be more right.

What’s more, NTVE has confirmed that his next album will be titled Love is not supposed to hurt, but he did not specify a release date, adding that he wants to “make sure that [the album] comes to fruition exactly how [he] wants it” before telling fans when to expect it.

He leaves his listeners with one final message:

“The body of work for this next album is going to be crazy and as much as I’m trying to be mysterious I just want y’all to know that the state of rap will forever be in good hands as long as I keep doing this.”

Connect with NTVE by visiting his website and following him on Instagram.

Click here to stream “Welcome to the Party” featuring Kyree Dailey.


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