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N’shai Iman delivers an intoxicating single titled “Can’t Take It”

Sometimes you come across an artist, and know that they’re going to be one of your favorites within 20 seconds of hearing one of their songs for the first time. This is precisely the case with Columbus, Ohio’s N’shai Iman. Captivating audiences with her intoxicating blend of R&B music, she’s quickly rising up the ranks as one of the genre’s brightest future stars. With such immense potential, she’s already garnishing a base of listeners that spans across the entire globe. Towards the tail end of last month, N’shai unearthed what may possibly be her best single yet – “Can’t Take It”.

Equipped with invigorating vocals, heartfelt lyricism, and a powerful instrumental, “Can’t Take It” is certainly the full package. It manages to hit every single box, and demands attention from the moment the play button is pressed. Describing her music as “a different take on R&B”, N’shai Iman repurposes the classic foundations of the popular genre in a way that makes it distinctly her own. She incorporates elements of Pop, Funk, and Speakeasy into her music, routinely shifting her style depending on her current mood or feeling. Inspired by fellow songwriter and R&B songstress Victoria Monet, N’shai Iman is making quite the impression on music fans, and is looking to keep this positive momentum flowing.

Taking a moment to share some perspective as to what lies at the core of this release’s meaning, N’shai shared with us, “This song centers on the yearning to be close to the person you love physically, even though you are in a long-distance relationship. I can relate to this topic personally because the lyrics convey my emotions about my long-distance relationship.” Taking influence from her own life experience and sharing her thoughts through song is an innate aspect of her artistry, with “Can’t Take It” serving as her latest example of accomplishing this. She’s never been one to shy away from being vulnerable when it comes to making music. Coupled with the fact that her songwriting and vocal capabilities are so striking, these characteristics make for a truly sensational artist.

Following the release of this single, N’shai is focused on what’s next to come. She’s hoping to release more new material before the year closes, with new singles and features being at the top of her to-do list. She may also be working on a new project soon, so if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard across this release, then you’ll certainly enjoy what’s next to come. Until then, reel in the Fall days with “Can’t Take It”.

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