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Live 4eva gets vulnerable on ‘NOBODY BLEEDS LIKE ME’

Originally hailing from Dallas, Texas is Live 4eva – a prospering, up-and-coming artist who has captivating listeners with his unique blend of contemporary Hip-Hop, alternative R&B music. Since embarking on his mission towards becoming a full-time artist several years ago, Live 4eva has undergone immense development as he routinely captivates fan with new additions to his discography. As one ventures through his catalog, they’re met with vulnerable pieces of work that invite listeners to understand who Live 4eva truly is at his core. Following the recent release of an EP titled NOBODY BLEEDS LIKE ME, Live 4eva gets more vulnerable than ever before, and makes his best selection of songs in the process.

Taking some time to characterize his music in his own words, Live 4eva shared with us:

I would describe my music as painfully vulnerable and self aware. My music is directly related to personal experiences and trauma and that spills all over my work in a hauntingly beautiful way. Most people pride themselves on being able to find beauty in darkness, but I often find darkness in beauty. Not in a depressive way, but more for philosophical reasons to find a meaning in this meaningless life. My music is innovative both conceptually and sonically. I draw inspiration from everywhere.

Live 4eva on his discography

With much of his catalog being reflecting in nature, Live 4eva utilizes this form of expression as a means of making sense of the world that we live in. For some artists, it can be difficult to look inward and tap into these emotions, but for Live 4eva, this is something that comes second nature.

On his recent release of NOBODY BLEEDS LIKE ME, Live 4eva doubles down on the above sentiments with a ferociousness. Sitting a total of five songs that sit just shy of 15 minutes in runtime, this EP is one where Live 4eva is able to show the world what it means to bleed. Taking inspiration from the pain and loneliness he’s endured, Live 4eva wants his audience to understand that they’re never alone in their struggles. Even if there’s no one physically around, Live 4eva wants listeners to understand that he’s there when no one else is. Combining a beautiful motivation for creating this project with the addictive soundscapes that construct the EP, Live 4eva certainly achieves one of his best works yet with NOBODY BLEEDS LIKE ME. He’s fostering a deepened connection with his base of listeners, and this fusion of sound and emotion is something that will surely carry him to immense heights as time progresses forward.

Following the release of this EP, Live 4eva now has his sights set towards what’s next to come. With music videos and an impending album titled The Ressurection! on the horizon, there’s no shortage of new material from Live 4eva in the near future. Outside of his solo stuff, Live 4eva also works within a music collective titled Y2X. He has some upcoming production credits for members of the collective that are slated to drop soon as well. There’s a lot that Live 4eva has on the way, but until then, get lost within the sounds of NOBODY BLEEDS LIKE ME.

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