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Worldly-influenced sound designer K.Umēh gears up for new album “Dimensions”

K.Umēh is a man of many talents: he’s a songwriter, sound designer, and a frequency blender, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Elk Grove, California native has found that his style is the new genre, and he’s on a mission to prove just that.

“This album is paving the way for my transition into an innovative sound designer, envisioning the future of the music industry through a separate lens and what it is capable of,” says K.Umēh.  “And I’m immersing myself in the world of technology and artificial intelligence to explore how these elements can be seamlessly combined with sound.” Seamless may be the perfect word to describe all of K.Umeh’s harmonies throughout his vast discography, which includes four albums — and will soon include a fifth.

K.Umēh has written for Sony Music Entertainment, performed for UMG, and more, working with artists such as Madi Banja, Sean Kingston, Rick Ross, and more. The upcoming album, Dimensions, is the music maestro’s foray into what he calls “mending culture” with his hip-hop, Afro-Latino and rock music influences. Making sound waves from the United States to Africa to Europe with Afro records like “Casabá”, UK style records like “Tap” and Hip Hop inspired records such as “Needless”.

The project’s first single, titled “Kangol” featuring Sean Kingston, brings out of this world tuned bars front and center, paying homage to his rap roots while keeping close the Afro-Latino soundscapes he finds inspiration from. He calls the album Dimensions, a conversation through time. 

Production wise, K.Umēh is transitioning into 3D Sound Design, a unique niche that he wants to include throughout his art in his career as an artist. He has surrounded himself with incredible, genre-bending and like minded creators such as Rugged  (who also produced “No Competition” by Davido), on his latest project Timeless, Nimsly, Dee Aye, Czech Strings and more. On this album he released a record titled “Me” ft Shacar where he shows his songwriting capabilities, afro rapping and record creating skills. K.Umēh and Shacar switched up their familiar genres styles to create a timeless Afro Pop record which their audiences have been looking forward to.

What are K.Umeh’s next moves? Besides the 22-track Dimensions, which drops this fall, he’s got three upcoming singles with some pretty big names; Gucci ManeSnoop Dogg and Curren$y to be exact. His next album “Mason” that he wants to release at the end of the year that has been already crafted together in the works and has rumored features from Benny The Butcher & Jadakiss will be something to look forward to. Sons of God 3, Frequencies 3, The Rebirth, & Obinna are all upcoming projects you can expect from K.Umēh, an expensive taste of spirit through sound. 

It’s clear that K.Umēh aka Obinna is on his way to something very special, and he’s not even close to his peak. With his unique sound, inquisitive lyrics and smooth incorporation of music styles from across the world, it’s only a matter of time before he reaches the top.

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