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India Carney gleams on “Where Your Heart Is”

India Carney’s resume in music is something that many artists would dream of having. After captivating judges with her singing talents on The Voice, touring alongside Katy Perry, and performing at the VMA’s and Ellen Degeneres Show, she’s still hungry for more, and has no plans of slowing pace until her voice is heard by music fans across the globe. Her incredibly impressive voice is what rests as the foundation of her discography, but listeners have grown to become equally as impressed by the significant meaning that lurks beneath the surface of her music. She’s an exceptional artist from every viewpoint, and is continually growing into one of the most exciting R&B acts that’s out right now. The Brooklyn native recently unearthed a brand new single titled “Where Your Heart Is”, and in the process of doing so is establishing a strengthened connection with more fans than ever before.

When it comes to creating music, India aims to have each and every one of her songs be an extension of herself and her thoughts. “I am deep, complex, warm, sensitive, aware, intense, emotional and beautiful, and I consider my music to be the same”, she tells us. This depth that exists throughout her catalog helps create a vast impact on listeners whenever they engage with her music. Her delectable, intoxicating singing talents draw them in, but it’s the anecdotes and experiences that she speaks on that make them say. She’s arrived at the point in her career where she’s ready for the world to hear what she has to say, and she really wants to take the world on a wondrous journey through sound.

“Where Your Heart Is” is a shimmering release that delves into some of the turmoil that may found within intimate relationships, the latest from India Carney speaks to listeners at their core. Touching upon the meaning behind “Where Your Heart Is”, India shared with us, “We’ve all reached that point with our former partners where one or both of us are emotionally checked out. This tends to be the beginning of the end, unfortunately. Well, whether we know that or not, we will always try to repair things, and as we’re trying our best to foster conversations that bring about more understanding, the leading question is, “how is your heart?” In trying to get answers from my partner, I co-wrote a hypothetical series of questions for him: “Where is your heart? Remember when we started? Where is the spark? How did it go?” So on and so forth”. This single is one that speaks to fighting for love, and asking the necessary questions to breakthrough the fog that can lead to an inevitable ending. Not only are these messages conveyed through the lyrical content, but India’s vocal delivery helps to evoke this as well.

Despite fans just being gifted this new song, the year is far from finished for India Carney. “Where Your Heart Is” will pave the way for plenty of more to come, as India has plans to unfurl her grasp around even more singles. Taking on more of a folky, story-driven characterization, the music that’s next to come will reveal some of India’s versatility. Additionally, she also has “something very special planned for Christmas”, so fans of her should certainly be on the lookout for that as well. Until then, get lost in “Where Your Heart Is”.

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