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PrimetimexPrimo turns up the heat with ‘Nervous’ EP

Coming from Uptown Philly is an eclectic artist by the name of PrimetimexPrimo. Specializing within the worlds of Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B, PrimetimexPrimo is two years into his journey making music, and has been steadily constructing an impressive catalog under Lil Giant Entertainment. Following the release of a handful of singles so far this year, PrimetimexPrimo is turning things up a notch with an incredible new EP titled Nervous.

Since releasing his first single back in 2021, PrimetimexPrimo has seen a great deal of development within the lens of music. Over time, he’s honed in on who he is as an artist, and in the process of doing so has started to create some truly groundbreaking music. Inspired by fellow rappers Black Thought, Kendrick Lamar, and J.Cole, PrimetimexPrimo is on a mission to express his innermost self. Following the tragic loss of his grandmother in 2020, he sought music as a form of therapy, and hasn’t turned back since. Now with an abundance of singles and handful of projects under his belt, PrimetimexPrimo is getting ready to take things to the next level.

Reflecting on this inspiration surrounding this EP, PrimetimexPrimo told us, “Nervous is a four song project meant to show off my range in not only writing, but recording music. Every song has its own style and sub-genre to it. “Tender Love” is the Jersey club song for the youth produced by my father and manager BiggYat215. “Pound Cake” gives you some bars with a catchy melodic hook. “Nervous” is my first released full melodic song which is a completely new lane for me. “Pomona” is all about the Rap that the Hip-Hop heads love. So there’s something for everyone to enjoy on there”. A multi-directional project that truly shines a light on all that PrimetimexPrimo has to offer with his art, there’s no better starting point for listening to his music. Nervous truly fuses so much of what he’s capable of accomplishing under a singular entity, without sacrificing any artistic integrity while doing so, ultimately making for a formidable body of work.

Now that fans have a firm grasp on Nervous, PrimetimexPrimo is looking forward to what’s to come in 2023. His primary goal is to keep working, and expand his presence beyond the confines of his home city. He has more content on the way for fans to engage with, and is hoping to lock-in some performance dates so people can experience Nervous in-person. Growth is, and will continue to be, the primary objective, so with that being said, tap-in with an artist who’s about to make some major waves.

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