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JK The Sage makes vocal debut with “Out of Town”

JK The Sage is a multi-instrumentalist from France who specializes in the creation of Electronic music. Following years of work as a session musician and producer for other artists, he stepped out from behind the curtains as the main act – embarking on a journey to make music that’s uniquely his own. With a background as a classical pianist and immense familiarity with the world of Jazz, JK The Sage’s discography is the result of unabashed creativity and experimentation. He recently gifted his fans with his first release of 2023, a bright single titled “Out of Town”.

Touching upon what pushed him to the decision to start releasing music of his own, JK shared with us, “While helping others create their music was fulfilling, I reached a point where I couldn’t ignore this deep creative feeling inside me. It’s like there is a constant orchestra playing in my mind, and I have so much to express musically and spiritually. That’s why I decided to step up and start releasing my own music, thanks to the inspiration and support from the incredible artists I’ve met along the way”. After gaining global notoriety in his youth following successful piano competitions, and then going on to work alongside international superstars such as Rema, Yseult, Ty Dolla $ign, and Aya Nakamura, JK The Sage was ready to make a lane of his own. Now with an abundance of rich music under his belt, he’s ready to continue impacting the world with his sounds.

“Out of Town” is no slight release for JK, as it serves as the very first where he shines a light on his vocal talents. A pivotal moment in his journey as an artist, “Out of Town” represents the intersection of all that JK The Sage has worked towards. Not only is he able to continue to create the soundscapes that have attracted so many, but he’s able to utilize his voice as its own type of instrument, making for a fully-fleshed creation that is Jk The Sage throughout. Sharing some of what lies at the core of this song, JK told us, “The song itself serves as a heartfelt love letter, expressing gratitude for a past relationship and inviting someone on a journey out of town. It all began with a guitar loop I created in my Paris studio back in 2021. Over time, I organically added drums and recorded various elements like bass, piano, and violin to complete the track”. From every observable angle, “Out of Town” is perhaps the most prominent moment for JK The Sage thus far in his career, as he’s truly making his best music yet.

With “Out of Town” now being available for fans, JK The Sage is pivoting towards what’s next to come. He’s going to be scoring his very first short film this year, and will also be playing within an orchestra. In addition to that, he’s also placed the finishing touches on his first vocal EP, and is excited to continue to create music of his own. JK The Sage also has some phenomenal collaborations that he’s excited to announce, so fans of “Out of Town” will certainly have a lot more sounds to digest within the months to come. For now though, kick back and throw this single at the top of your playlist.

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