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BUKHARI remains positive through trying times on recent album “1:11”

For those of you seeking some inspiration through a rough period in your life, look no further than BUKHARI’s latest album 1:11, a project centered on the struggles that come with depression and uncertainty over the future.  It is a two-part album, according to BUKHARI, because he’s had some incredible ups and downs throughout the last few years, and he wanted the music to represent that.

“Even though the past few years in Phoenix have been my worst, they’ve also been my best,” said BUKHARI.  “It’s important not to overlook the good moments you have, no matter how little.”

“[The album] was written during a time when I was really struggling with depression,” he added.  “I was also struggling creatively, and this album was pretty much the first step towards shedding my skin and branching out stylistically.”

Sonically, BUKHARI describes his project as a “blend of rap, alternative, punk and rock.”  That about sums it up perfectly, as the Phoenix native impressively combines his teenage obsession with rap with his childhood love of wrestling in a way never done before.  Standout tracks from 1:11 include “SURPRISE!” — a collaboration with JC Kroupa — and album opener “Nowadays.”

“I’ve been rapping since I was 11 years old and started recording since I was 13, but I’ve been listening to rock music for way longer,” said BUKHARI.  “Growing up, I’ve always been a diehard wrestling fan, so I can never resist that sound.”

There’s a lot more in store for Phoenix’s hottest young MC.  He’s looking to perform at new venues in new cities, and he even hinted at more music in the vault that may drop sooner than we think.  Stay tuned for BUKHARI; this is an artist you don’t want to miss out on.

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